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  About Our Lakes


  • Island Lake, located 4 miles southeast of Emily, MN in Crow Wing County, is a 237.5-acre round lake with three islands and is classified as a general recreation lake. Mud Lake is 92 acres and is classified as a natural environment lake. Mud Brook flows into Mud Lake, connects Island Lake and Mud Lake, and is used to travel between the two lakes.  Mud Brook, however, is quite shallow and not all watercraft are able to navigate the creek successfully. Mud Brook then exits Island Lake to the south and eventually joins the Pine River. 

  • There is a public landing on Island Lake just past the bridge on Walworth Road...look for the signs.

  • The dark water is due to bog stains from the streams that flow through the lakes. The Secchi disk reading for Mud Lake on May 26, 2018, was 3.5 ft and the average reading for Island Lake is 10.5 -19 ft.

  • The water level fluctuates according to the number of beaver dams along Mud Brook between Birchdale Lake and Mud Lake.

  • Island/Mud Lake is on a three-year walleye stocking rotation. The DNR stocks at a rate of 1 lb of fish per acre and in the fall of 2017, the DNR stocked Island/Mud Lakes with 150 lbs or about 4125 6" walleye fingerlings. 

  • Both lakes have northern pike and panfish such as crappies, sunnies, and bluegills. There are also lesser quantities of largemouth bass, yellow perch, bullheads, and walleyes. The DNR suggests responsible catch-and-release fishing to help ensure continued quality fishing opportunities. The DNR fisheries also recommend keeping smaller northern and releasing the larger fish. For more info about the DNR fisheries, click HERE.

  • For the current fishing possession limits/seasons be sure to consult the DNR HERE for the complete regulations or to download the entire PDF regulation booklet.

  • Click HERE for a map of the fishing zones.

  • Click HERE for a weight/length fish chart.

  • ​​DOWNLOAD the Crow Wing County water quality report for Island/Mud Lake.

  • DOWNLOAD the Minnesota Fish Watch Booklet!

  • Click HERE for DNR Lake Finder or HERE if you are using a mobile device.

Lake Info
Deer standing in the woods.
Shoreland Management

​  Structures & Zoning: Shoreline Management

Permits are required for many shoreline management situations. Additionally, other approvals may be required from federal, state, and local units of government, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, watershed districts, water management organizations, counties, townships, and cities.

Do I need a permit for my project? Click HERE for info.



A shoreline management program and classification system was

developed for Minnesota's lakes and has been in effect since the early

1970's. It includes lakes 25 acres in size in unincorporated areas and

ten acres in size in incorporated areas that have DNR-approved

shoreland ordinances. Lakes are divided into natural environment lakes,

recreational development lakes and general development lakes. Each

classification has particular regulations regarding cutting/clearing and

dirt-moving. Island Lake is classified as a recreational development lake.

Mud Lake is classified as a natural environment lake. Be sure to check

zoning requirements before cutting/clearing or dirt-moving. Crow Wing

County requires building permits.


Click HERE for shoreland alteration facts sheet.

Click HERE to download the complete Crow Wing County Land Use Ordinance. In the Land Use Ordinance document, check out sections 11.20

(page 51) through 12.0 (page 55).

Click HERE for more information about Crow Wing County Zoning setbacks and lot size.

Ordinance Requirements & Permits, contact:

 Crow Wing County Planning and Zoning Office

  200 South 4th Street

  Brainerd, MN  56401

  (218) 824-1125

Crow Wing County GIS mapping tool:

Click HERE for a topo map of the area.

Nice fish!

Area Land and Roads

Spring is Sprung!

Spring is Sprung!

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ATV/OHV maps:


State of Minnesota    Emily to Outing    Blind Lake 



fish on dock.jpeg

Most of the land surrounding Island and Mud lakes is privately owned and requires permission to enter it for any reason. Please respect posted areas.


Anyone using motorized vehicles on the local roads should exercise caution, as these roads are narrow and winding. The posted advisory speed (yellow signs) around both lakes is 20 mph. The roads in our area are annually treated with calcium chloride for dust suppression. Click HERE for more information about this treatment.


Consult Crow Wing County ATV regulations: HERE. Check out Section 3 for regulations regarding riding on the roads.

Consult the Minnesota vehicle ATV/OHV regulations for more information:


ATV Rider's Ed Course Guide.

Much of the tax forfeit land is available for hunting, etc. but the Association suggests you use the Crow Wing County GIS service OR purchase a Crow Wing County Platt book or the Guide to Public Hunting Lands available from many area merchants to determine land ownership.  Also, refer to posted signs on the property or current DNR regulations for more information. 

Click HERE for the comprehensive DNR brochure, Protect Your Privilege! that outlines all the rules and regulations concerning ATVs and hunting.

Vehicle Licenses and Regulations

What do I need permits/licenses for?


All watercraft, diving rafts, automobiles, ATVs or OHVs and snowmobiles must have a current license or tag. 

Youth under 17 need a safety certificate to hunt and to operate watercraft, snowmobiles and ATVs or OHVs. See DNR website:

Personal Watercraft Safety Regulations (Jet skis)

Off Highway Vehicles Regulations for ATVs & OHV’s

Watercraft Info & Licensing

Cold Water & Boat Safety


Personal Licenses & Regulations


You can purchase hunting, fishing or trapping licenses at most bait shops, hardware stores and gas stations in the Emily area. See DNR website: or contact the Crow Wing County Courthouse (218-824-1045) for more information about regulations.


Crow Wing County Hunting Resources

Minnesota DNR Hunting Resources

Burning Permits

      You can obtain a burning permit from the DNR 



      To activate your permit: 

  • Visit

  • You can also activate it by calling 1- 866-533-2876 and following the instructions in the pre-recorded message.


For fire danger and current burning restrictions click HERE.

Regulations & permits
Deer mount on garage.
Kayaking Mud Brook.
Island Lake dam in the spring.

Map of the area

The Island-Mud Lake area is located in Crow Wing County, Ross Lake Township, four miles southeast of Emily, MN. Connected by Mud Brook, the lakes are part of the Northern Lakes and Forests ecoregion.

DNR Lake Finder: Island Lake

Latitude, Longitude:
46.7107457°, -93.9853743°

DNR Lake Finder: Mud Lake

Latitude, Longitude:
46.6826437°, -93.8833099°

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