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Fall 2022 is Here!

Calendars STILL Available


The IMLPOA 2022-23 calendar was a real hit with all of our members.  We still have a limited number of copies available and are offering them free of charge to any interested lake resident. The calendars are available at Olson's Mercantile (on MN 6 and C.R. 36), and by contacting Chuck Pettipiece at mrdawgfish@gmail.com to arrange for you to pick up a copy. They still cover the next ten months and are a great reminder of all the seasonal beauty on Island and Mud Lakes. Get yours today!


Walleye Stocking Info


During the 2022 annual meeting, Jim Luttrell reported that thirty-eight people participated in the fishing contest, and unlike in other years, people caught a few walleyes. Jim mentioned that the DNR stocks our lakes every three years with walleye fingerlings. He noted that our lakes are classified as not suited for walleye reproduction making it crucial to notify the DNR that we are catching them.


He suggested that when you catch a walleye, CLICK HERE to help us collect/forward the info to the DNR. We will also try to keep an updated "walleye count" for our own benefit. 


Click here for MN DNR lake stocking reports.



Youth Boat and Water Safety

There is a possibility that we might be able to host a youth boat and water safety session. If you are interested, contact Chuck Pettipiece at islandmudlake@gmail.com for more info. Click here for other DNR safety programs.

Labor Day Weekend Concert

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Thank you to Donna Hastings and Jonathan Geiger for the evening of classical music at their ‘end of the road’ cabin. Joshua Gratton, Jenna Tullis, Dr. Simona Barbu, and Dr. Nariaki Sugiura played a wonderful concert set against the sounds of nature. Fingers crossed that we will be able to enjoy this again!


IMLPOA Calendar

The calendar is here and it looks great! Thanks so much to Jerry Finnerty and the Board for orchestrating such a wonderful project. Contact Jerry at cipromo67@gmail.com for more info. Many outstanding, beautiful pictures were submitted and the committee made every effort to include at least one photo from each person who contributed. As it happened, the publisher rejected some due to graphic quality (resolution too low, too small, too blurry, not landscape) BUT, as it ALSO happened, they were perfect for the website. So, if you don't see yours in the calendar, look for it here, on your Association website. Below is a sample...enjoy!

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Emily to Blind Lake Trail Open!


Trail kiosk at the intersection of Lens Rd and County 106 has maps and other information.


One of several scenic spots on the Emily trail.

The Emily Blind Lake Trail is open from May 15th to October 31st for Class I and Class II ATVs, as well as Off-Highway Motorcycles. This new multi-use ATV trail is a 16-mile trail connecting the counties of Crow Wing and Aitkin. The trail connects two major north-central Minnesota ATV Trail systems, the Emily Outing and Moose River ATV Trails, with the Aitkin County Northwoods Regional ATV Trail System, forming a continuous loop of over 70 miles of GIA Trail. 


Come prepared, though. The trail is narrow and a little bumpy but provides access to amazing scenery and wildlife. If you have a smartphone, download the Avenza Maps app for this trail map and others such as the Cuyuna biking trails. 

For more information...click HERE.

MNDNR PDF Avenza maps...click HERE for info.

For Avenza Maps info...click HERE.


Map of the trail system.

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National Loon Center

Jon Mobeck, director of the National Loon Center, spoke to members at the IMLPOA annual meeting on July 17, 2021. Of particular interest was the effect of lead-free tackle on loons. He urged us to visit the loon center, The Nest, in Crosslake for more information. Click HERE for the loon center Facebook page.

Get the Lead Out: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Program

Get the Lead Out is an educational program to protect and restore the population of common loons in Minnesota by reducing their exposure to lead-based fishing tackle. This outreach effort will run from 2020-2023. 

The MPCA had a similar program in the early 2000s. This program held over 200 tackle exchanges that collected over 8,000 lbs of lead, distributed 50,000 sample packets of lead-free tackle, and created displays of lead-free tackle at retail stores. 

Online retailers who sell lead free tackle

MPCA list of companies who sell lead free tackle

Email for more info

Local retailers

Oars-N-Mine Docks & Lifts, Crosby, MN

(218) 546-6912

Reddings Sports & Spirits, Emily, MN

(218) 763-2191

If you have a concern about drones in the Island/Mud Lake area:



- It is legal to own and operate a drone.

- In general, privacy is not violated since airspace is "public" and an expectation of privacy is not protected on beaches or open areas.

- Drones are treated as aircraft and shooting one down is a federal offense.

- It is possible that in some cases a drone may violate privacy and in those cases the property opener should contact local law enforcement.


As a lake association we have no enforcement authority, but are able to pass on information that is generally available on public sources. We can and will encourage drone owners to be courteous and respectful in the operation of any drones.


If the property owner has specific issues, it is best that they contact local law enforcement. Use the link below for more information:



Animal Cams

Animals provide a much needed respite from our long winters. There are many animal cams available for your viewing. Here are a few:


MN DNR GeoPDF maps app

See your location with the GeoPDF maps...best part...

Cell service is not needed!


Don't get lost in the woods, navigate large remote areas using DNR Geospatial

PDFs ("GeoPDFs") on your mobile device. Display your current location like

Google Maps, but you don't have to be connected to the internet or have cell

service while using the maps. Note: mobile service or internet is required for

initial download of app.

Maps available:

  • DNR Recreation Basemap

  • Most State Parks

  • OHV Trails

  • Water Trails

  • Some State Forests

  • Trout Stream Angling

  • Water Access

  • State Trails

  • Snowmobile Trails

Click HERE for more info & link to download app.

geese on dam.jpeg

Photo courtesy of Chuck Pettipiece


Road Construction

For information on road projects in other parts of Crow Wing County...click HERE for Crow Wing County interactive highway map.


Annual Meeting Minutes & Newsletter


Island/Mud Lake Property Owners' Association meets each summer for a picnic day of fun & games and a chance to reconnect or meet your neighbors. The end of this day culminates with an annual meeting. This meeting is YOUR chance to get information about the lakes or make your voice known if there is an issue.
Click HERE for Current Spring/Summer/Fall Newsletter.

Click HERE for the Current Annual Meeting Minutes.

Click HERE for to pay your dues or download a membership form.

Click HERE for the amended by-laws.

Rain, Snow and Ice Report


So it snowed in Ely and on the Gunflint Trail today...meaning that snow is not far away from us! The trees have just begun to show their awesome fall colors and we have had a couple of frost warnings. NOW is the time to think about taking in your docks and tucking in your boats for their long winter sleep. Check out the Important Numbers for links to these services.

Check out the Minnesota DNR storm report HERE for
 more info.

Click HERE for the NOAA weather report.
Click HERE for the latest Outdoor News fishing report.

Around Town


Lots of new places to eat...or brand spanking new menus. Enjoy your favorite restaurants!

-->The Red Pine Cookhouse is now open. It feature a mixture of Asian and American favorites with special seasonal menu items. Click HERE for more information.

 -->The Log Cabin Bar is now serving fresh-made burgers Monday through Saturday from 11 until 3 pm. Click HERE to see all the changes and the new bar menu!
-->Big Al's Bar and Grill has a new, expanded menu...check out their "When Pigs Fly" sandwich...delish! Click HERE for the menu and hours.
-->The Pickled Loon Saloon of Emily has a great menu selection, live music, and awesome outdoor seating. Click HERE for the menu and hours.

-->If you are looking for an excellent pizza or fresh-made sandwiches, check out 
Shadow Pizza in Outing. Click HERE for the menu and hours. 

-->The Bridge Tavern remodeled its bar and restaurant. Check out the changes HERE.

-->Trailside Tavern, located in the old Crosby Bar location, offers a wide selection of new and old favorites. Click HERE for their Facebook page.

-->Hardwater Lounge, located on Main St in Crosby, offers craft cocktails, smoked cocktails, and a variety of beers. Stop in for a unique experience. Click HERE to check it out or HERE for their Facebook page!

One Block North,restaurant and brewpub in Aitkin has an upscale menu and craft beers. Click HERE for their Facebook page. The restaurant is open with onsite brewing.


Photo courtesy of Jim Luttrell