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Weather & Roads
What's New?

It's BAAACK and
will be better than ever!


Once again, the Island/Mud Lake Association is creating a calendar! It will include ALL of the important dates like openers, meetings, and holidays so that YOU can plan your trips to the lake. But we need YOUR photos so that we can feature them on the calendar pages. Click HERE for more information!


Annual Meeting Minutes & Current Newsletter

Island/Mud Lake Property Owners' Association meets each summer for a picnic day of fun & games and a chance to reconnect or meet your neighbors. The end of this day culminates with an annual meeting. This meeting is YOUR chance to get information about the lakes or make your voice known if there is an issue.
Click HERE for Current Spring/Summer/Fall Newsletter.

Click HERE for the Current Annual Meeting Minutes.

Click HERE for to pay your dues or download a membership form.

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Township Website!

Ross Lake Township has a new website. Use this site for township info, including newsletters and meeting minutes. Click HERE.

Rain, Snow, and Ice Report
...aaaand Road Construction

The roads are in good shape. There are several road projects in progress that might impact your driving. Click HERE for the interactive map of all projects.Check out the Important Numbers for links to lake services.Check out the Minnesota DNR storm report HERE for more info.Click HERE for the NOAA weather report. Click HERE for the latest Outdoor News fishing report.

Meeting Minutes

Burning Permits


Fall is the perfect time to clean up your yard and dispose of all the waste you've accumulated during the summer. And although we have had some much-needed rain this month, we have also experienced Red Flag Fire warnings. Before burning, check the DNR website for burning restrictions in our area.

Apply online for a burning permit:

To activate: 

  • Visit

  • You can also activate it by calling 1- 866-533-2876 and following the instructions in the pre-recorded message.

For the NOAA forecast, check out:

We are still experiencing some power blips so for those interested in tracking the power outage status you can find it at:


Dangerous Fire Conditions!

Minnesota is under a fire warning and burning restrictions. The rain on April 16th helped, but our entire area is VERY dry. After the snow melts and before vegetation greens up can be a dangerous time for wildfire in Minnesota. Conditions can change quickly so be aware. One of the best things you can do is to practice campfire safety. Whether you're in a state forest or in your backyard, campfires should be constructed with 3 feet or less in diameter and not more than 3 feet in height.

MN DNR maps for fire restrictions and burning bans.

MN Wildfire maps and red flag warnings.

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