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Fishing Contest
Fishing contest rules 2023.jpg
Jim Luttrell

Jim Luttrell

Thanks Jim for organizing this event!

Davin Shokes

Davin Shokes

Biggest bass (20")

20" Bass

20" Bass

Jeff Kline

Jeff Kline

Biggest northern (28")

28" Northern

28" Northern

Otto B & Margot W

Otto B & Margot W

Otto caught the biggest Bass (13") and Margot caught a big sunny (7 ¾ ")!

Otto B

Otto B

13" Bass

Miles W and his 7" sunny

Miles W and his 7" sunny

Delaney E.

Delaney E.

Biggest sunny (8")

Tyler L

Tyler L

Biggest Northern (27") & Bass (15")

27" Northern

27" Northern


Pam Nordahl brought some tasty snacks! Thanks so much!

fishing pole.jpeg

Winners (L to R below) Tyler L bass & northern, Jeff Kline northern, Matt Kline walleye, Delaney E sunny, Davin Shokes bass, Margot W sunny, and Otto B bass. Congratulations!


Official Results


 Walleye    14” Matt Kline

 Northern  28” Jeff Kline

 Bass        20” Davin Shokes 

YOUTH 14 and under

 Northern   27” Tyler L 

 Bass         13” Otto B

 Sunfish     8" Delaney E &

                 Margot W 7 ¾"

This year, 44 adults and 15 kids participated in the 2023 fishing contest. Sadly, no crappies were caught, but lucky fishermen caught three walleyes...14", 13", and 8". Wow! Jim Luttrell has mentioned at the annual meetings that the DNR stocks our lakes every three years with walleye fingerlings. He said that our lakes are classified as "not suited for walleye reproduction" making it crucial to notify the DNR that we are catching them.

Last year we started officially collecting walleye data. We ask that when you catch a walleye, CLICK HERE to help us collect/forward the info to the DNR. We will also try to keep an updated "walleye count" for our own benefit. 

Boat parade

The 2023 IMLPOA Boat Parade was a HUGE success. It was the highest-ever participation with 17 pontoon boats, 2 runabouts, and one large tube. The weather was glorious and enthusiastic boaters tooted horns, clapped, and yelled to those watching from shore. Thanks to all who came out and helped us celebrate!

Excited for the parade!

4th of July Boat Parade

Sunday, July 2, 2023 @1 pm

On Island Lake


A FUN event for your family!


If you want to participate, decorate your boat & meet at the Public Landing. Parade starts @1pm

(No prizes will be awarded, but for those that finish the parade, look for something special at the end.)

If you want to watch, stake out a spot on your dock & clap and yell your appreciation.


It is our 4th of July celebration so display an American Flag!

Let Freedom Ring!


Annual IMLPOA Picnic & Meeting


Our annual meeting was held on 

Saturday, July 15, 2023. at Levi’s Field on Walworth Road.

It gave us a chance to with our neighbors around the lakes.

Dan Brennan, president of the Ruth Lake LID (lake improvement district), will spoke to us about invasive species and what the Ruth Lake Association does to address this issue.

IMLPOA provided water, hot dogs, and sloppy joes.

Many dishes were shared!

We had 54 members sign in plus 6 or 8 guests. Click the right/left arrows to see images from the picnic. Click on the image to see a larger picture.


Island Mud Lake Property Owners Association Ice Cream Pontoon Social

We celebrated summer with an IMLPOA-sponsored ice cream social on Saturday, August 12th. A HUGE thank you to all the visitors who got free treats and supported this new event. People came by boat, pontoon, paddleboard, kayak, and canoe to The Ice Cream Pontoon, anchored from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm near the sandbar on Island Lake! All in all, IMLPOA handed out over 75 treats with chocolate-covered ice cream being the clear favorite. We ran out of everything but popsicles. Fingers crossed that this will become an annual event.

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