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Loon Nest Project May, 2018

On May 20, 2018, Boy Scouts from Troop 3062 in Edina, MN installed two loon nests on Island and Mud Lakes. Cole Weinstein, leader of the project, is 15 years old and built these platforms for his Eagle Project.  He worked with Buck Brothers on behalf of IMLPOA and his Eagle advisor, Mr. John White. His work crew consisted of other scouts: Michael Dalsin, Ryan Oak, Calvin Steven, Jack Hatzung, Aditya Tulahalli, and Zack Lugo, as well as his grandparents Ron and Anne Hoffman and parents Tracy and Mark Weinstein.


Check out photos of the project and a map marked with the locations of the loon nesting platforms. Reminder--Please be considerate and observe these nests from a distance!

Loon nest placement.
Troop 3062
Loon nest detail.
Loon nest detail
Loon nest detail.
Troop 3062 and Buck Brothers
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